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The book begins by asking readers, “Is it really possible to be at an ideal weight, have tons of energy and feel great ?” It then introduces what is at the core of achieving this. The author will present her own testimony, and some real-life stories of patients she has worked with over the last 20 years, demonstrating that the first steps towards optimal health, are to ask questions, seek knowledge, and take responsibility for your own health. The Introduction discusses some common misconceptions within the health industry, and how easy it is to feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting media hype around health. It invites readers to examine their own current health status by evaluating individual factors such as pain, sleep issues, and the unhealthy habits they wish to change. It closes by prompting readers to resolve to take the first steps in overcoming personal obstacles and challenges regarding their health and fitness, to be accountable and to persevere.



Get Motivated, Organized and Productive to Take Your Health Habits to The Next Level

This section presents the making of a habit, and how we create habits and routines that foster a healthy, productive mind and body. It discusses the importance of managing energy levels, and planning personal time. The Hack your HEALTH Habits process is introduced and an explanation of breaking unwanted habits by replacing them with healthy ones follows. Readers will understand the power in motivation, and how it compels them to make changes and set goals. Four chapters – One chapter is devoted to each of these topics. Habits/ Motivation / Action / Personal Prime Time


Get Back to Basics – Understand The Foods You Consume to Keep Your Body Lean

Diet trends come and go, creating a web of confusing information. This section provides an abundance of information about healthy eating. Macronutrients (proteins, carbs and fats), reading food labels, hidden food additives, eating to increase energy, the benefits of choosing organic, and how eating different colored foods provides the best nutrients. With this knowledge, people can decide how clean and additive free to make their dietary choices. Six chapters –  One chapter is devoted to each of these topics. Protein / Carbs & Sugar / Fats / Food Labels / Organic / Phytonutrients



Get Fueled with the Right Foods and Figure Out the Diet That Will Work for You

Much conventional advice on nutrition, as we know it, has been influenced by industry and profit. So, what is true versus recommendations that are driven by big business? This section will present full overview of some of the most popular diets in the marketplace and how they can hinder a healthy person’s system rather than benefit it. How to pick the right ‘diet’/’food plan’ for you and your body type. Food is information, food is energy, and finding the right fit is essential in order to thrive and be healthy Eight chapters –  One chapter is devoted to each of these topics. Food Politics / Diets /Fasting / Nutritional Ketosis/Food Sensitivities / Alkalinity /  Personalized Nutrition


Get Rid of Toxins – The Key to Real Cellular Detox For Optimal Health

This section raises the subject and the truth about the levels of toxic exposure we experience on a daily basis. Readers will learn what toxins are, how they can harm your health, and where to find them. We wear, cook with, breathe, eat and drink toxins, often unknowingly. What harmful substances are hidden in our foods and self care products? From personal products to household items, this section will emphasize how to make better choices to reduce toxic exposure, and assist our bodies in the process of detoxification. Six chapters – One chapter is devoted to each of these topics. Detox/ Skin / Cookware / Air / Mold / Water



Get The Right Vitamins, To Help Your Body Perform at it’s Best

This section brings to light the advantage of getting the right vitamins and supplements, and takes a comprehensive look at their role in supporting health. It recommends which essential vitamins should be taken daily, and how to develop the habit of taking daily vitamins. It also provides an overview of beneficial vitamins, pertinent to age and other special factors. Four chapters – One chapter is devoted to each of these topics. Selection & Quality / Vitamin D / Probiotics / Additional Vitamins


Get Fit and Strong in Less Time

This section proposes a different way to exercise and stay fit, and that long, painful workouts are not the answer. The benefits of physical activity for overall well-being are discussed, as is setting up a successful workout routine that fits into busy schedules. How to build a foundation, to avoid injury and increase energy. Emphasizing the power of yoga, good posture, meditation and affirmations, and how they support a healthy mind, body and spirit. Six chapters – One chapter is devoted to each of these topics. Functional Fitness / HIIT Training / Strength Training / Yoga / Posture & Movement / Fun & Enjoyment



Get To Know Your Hormones And Feel Better

Chronic stress and hormonal imbalances affect the mind and body, impacting health in many ways. Understanding hormones and their relationships to systems that influence metabolism, fatigue, libido and weight gain are covered in this section. Listening to what your body is telling you, and the effectiveness of many natural hormonal therapies are also discussed. Four chapters – One chapter is devoted to each of these topics. Adrenals / Thyroid / Sex Hormones / Blood Sugar


Get Your Gut and Immune System Performing Optimally

Addressing gut health is crucial to fighting inflammation and staying healthy. Healing the gut is the foundation for improving many chronic health conditions. This section presents an overview of the immune system, the role the gut plays, and outlines the process of digestion. It discusses the conditions associated with a troubled digestive system, reasons people develop allergies, and what tools and tests are available to find out what’s going on with your gut. It provides suggestions for various supplements, specific food plans designed to help those suffering from gut issues, and explains the impact of inflammation on health. The gut is an important part of the immune system and  high functioning digestion is paramount to staying healthy. This section proposes  lifestyle changes to help heal and maintain a healthy thriving gut. Five chapters – One chapter is devoted to each of these topics Gut Function / What Can Go Wrong / Immunity and The Gut / Inflammation / Food & Immunity



Get Your Brain Turned On to it’s Full Power

Cognitive decline is one of the most feared conditions associated with ageing, poor stress management, and a sedentary lifestyle. This section introduces new habits to that will maximize brain function and enhance communication to the rest of the body. Learn how to keep the brain sharp, by regular stimulation of neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine etc.) Discover Epigenetics: you are what you think! Linking human thoughts to a healthier you, and how to stop blaming your genes for your shortfalls. Lowering risk factors and boosting brain power is possible. Six chapters – One chapter is devoted to each of these topics Brain 101 / Neurotransmitters / Nervous Systems / Mental Sharpness / Epigenetics / Aging


Get Rest, Recharged and Be More Zen

This section proposes sleep, meditation and de-stressing as key elements in creating a healthier life. It outlines how morning rituals empower and strengthen. The reader will learn ways to develop daily habits that support de-stressing and rejuvenation. Awareness of harmful electromagnetic fields is also discussed.  This part of the book introduces practices to help develop restful sleep habits, and features  restorative, stress relieving, activities. Five chapters – One chapter is devoted to each of these topics Sleep / Meditation / De-stressing / Electromagnetic Field / Earthing



Get Control – You and Your Wellness Team

This section presents a Wellness Team Action Plan, and explores the different natural health care options available. It discusses the differences between conventional medical approaches which treat symptoms, and natural, lifestyle-based methods for recovery and sustained health. It explains how to read test results, and offers guidance in taking responsibility, action, and accountability regarding your health. Four chapters – One chapter is devoted to each of these topics Who’s in Charge of your Health? / Understanding Test results / Your Health Team / Accountability


Get on Purpose – Designing the Life You Want

The final section of the book explores the concept of living a purposeful life. To find your personal strengths and live your best, most healthy and fulfilling life is a process of self-reflection and examining your core values. It shares a design for planning, goal setting and learning to master thoughts that empower health and success. Here, readers will create their own vision of success, and gain inspiration through the stories of others. Six chapters – One chapter is devoted to each of these topics Life Purpose / Strength Finders / Thinking Big / Your Story / Your Philosophy  



dr-nathalie-beauchampDr. Nathalie Beauchamp, B.Sc., D.C. is an Ottawa based doctor of chiropractic, former professional natural figure/bodybuilder, Functional Medicine practitioner candidate (IFM), public speaker and local TV personality. She is the co-author of the published book Wellness On The Go: Take the Plunge- It’s Your Life! and the creator of Roadmap to Wellness, an online coaching program designed to help clients adopt a wellness lifestyle. The owner of Santé Chiropractic and Wellness Center, a multi-disciplinary clinic in Orléans, Ontario, Dr. Nathalie is also the founder of the annual Ottawa Health & Wellness Expo, (a community based event that gathers more than two thousand health conscious people each year and features world class keynote speakers), and the W3 Ottawa Event: Women – Wisdom – Wellness. Dr. Nathalie’s mission is to lead through education, helping people empower themselves to live their best, most healthy, and fulfilling life!

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